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Website and Application development

Let's open your business in the digital world by providing you the latest web design that will surely help people to know your business in just a click away.

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Marketing and Branding

Your brand needs a voice. By combining the latest and innovative ideas, backed up by meticulous planning and research, CODE Solution can give you the suited marketing and branding plan that will make your Brand speaks for itself.

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Digital Marketing

Physical market is one thing, but how about the digital market? Boost your Sales and your brand by making your business visible in the Social Media venues

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Mobile App Development

From traditional to the new level of business. From manual to automated. In CODE Solution, we can provide you with a tailor-fit, user-friendly yet diversified Web App that will make your life easy.

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Consultation and After Sales Service

CODE Solution is comprised of young talented experts that will surely be with you throughout the partnership. We will help you whenever and wherever you need us!

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We create a
client-oriented process
to promote your business
with ease.


Identify Pain Points

We are here not just to trouble shoot but to help you get out of it. Give us a clue on what prevents you from going and we will settle the matter in just a nick of time.


Satisfy Client Needs

We have a system that is not only reliable but also flexible that would suit your business needs. Just let us know your target and we’ll get it done for you as you wish.


Make It Work

We understand the value of your trust and so we commit to make your business worth the work. We’re here to drive your way to its fullest potential.


Guide You Through

We pledge to assist you from start to finish. We will be at your side even at your most difficult journey as we aim to witness how you complete the course with flying colors.

Core Values

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We are blessed to have a team equipped with skills and talents capable of performing to the fullest in order to hit the mark of reliability and accountability.

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Positivity is an enduring characteristic of our company that will be the key to accomplish any task assigned to our staff who will fulfill the job with optimum result.

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Dedication is the heart and soul of our institution. It drives us to achieve our goals above the loads of work required as we allocate extra mile to meet the needs of our clients.

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Mediocrity goes out of the way in our efforts to get the job done. Our commitment to adapt to every criterion is of utmost importance to be able to meet customer satisfaction.

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We adhere to champion a lifetime reputation in the midst of the challenging world of digital arena.

Digital Nuggets

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Be updated on the new digital age

Don’t let COVID-19 block your 2020 vision.

The world was in such a euphoria as year 2020 gained its momentum. Positivity had been the banner of people from all walks of life at every crook and corner until an outbreak of COVID-19 became viral and eventually a Pandemic. Hence; Politics, Economy, Education and even some Religious Organizations went downhill. But would you just let everything fall apart? Why don’t you pick up the pieces and build your dreams once again? Time to stand and look up! We had a good start... let us give our 2020 a happy ending.

What does Pandemic teach us on online business?

If there is one concrete lesson that we have learned from this current situation, that is “earning a living at home”! Let’s face it... those who look at this Pandemic as a disaster were indeed destroyed but those who take it as an opportunity discovered means of substantial earnings for their daily needs and in fact, if not many, some of us have earned our fortune. Our backs are now against the wall. The ship can only survive against horrendous waves when it face the tide.

Cyber phase may lead to hyper taste.

The effect of social media in this modern era is undeniably crucial. Our failure to weigh things posted in various platforms can lead us to the direction it dictates rather than our own vision we aim to fulfil. While there are many good stuffs we can choose from, let us be smart enough to pick items that would cater to the path leading to our desired destiny. At the end of the day, you must realize that it’s your own fulfilment that counts... not theirs! So, keep your own phase and stick to your own taste

Internet may stop but keep the connection going

The value of our connection should not be based on our online relation. Technology has eaten up so much of our time... it has stolen precious moments of people to their love ones in many occasions. It’s sickening to see a family in a restaurant pressing on their mobile phones reaching their friends afar instead of conversing with the family members across the table and enjoy the fellowship. May we keep the bond of our relationship and may it not depend online. Let’s exert our unsolicited efforts to reach for our love ones that they will feel we care while the world doesn’t care.

About Us

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Creative Option Digital Edge (CODE) Solution is a digital company that answers to your Digital needs. It caters from personal, business start ups to a large scale entrepreneurship. We live up to our basic principles of, “We comply and resolve!”. While we have our own products on hand, our priority is your own design that suits your need to meet the prevailing trend of the digital world.

Our team is comprised of experienced developers, graphic designers, network engineers and marketeers whose expertise have been developed through hard work and determination. We have a reservoir of manpower to cope up with the challenges of today’s technology. With these personnel that are considerably the crème of the crop, we’ve got enough confidence to handle the job and let our clients feel, “They’re in good hands.”

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